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Ambitious A Coding Company offers Tutoring Services for individuals who has already taken an CPC and/or Medical Coder Course and would like a refresher to prepare for exam.


Obligations of the Tutor:

  • the tutor undertakes to do all preparation prior to lessons and to structure lessons in such a way as to optimize time to the benefit of the student
  • the tutor shall keep confidential information of the student and shall contact other parties involved in the education of the student only upon prior written permission of the student
  • the tutor shall not assign any of his/her duties or obligations under this Agreement to a third party without the written permission of the student
  • the tutor is not obliged to execute homework or assignments on behalf of the student; however, she shall do all her best to explain the material duly to enable the student to do his/her homework properly

Obligations of the Student:

  • the student agrees to assist the Tutor in identifying problem areas in which the student needs specific tutoring
  • the student agrees to attend lessons and to do his best to gain knowledge and obtain new skills as well as to do his/her homework tasks assigned by the Tutor
  • The student agrees that assignments, exercises, or homework are integral part of tutoring and undertakes to complete such work properly and timely

1:1 Virtual Tutoring Services

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